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Empowering digital transformation across all sectors

As the complex, sophisticated design of products in Industry 4.0 calls for exponential growth in data volume and advanced micro-manufacturing processes & machines, businesses are challenged with issues that require superhuman capability. While IT technology puts together your resources and data analytics helps autonomous control of the resources across plant, manufacturing and logistics & facility, 3D/AR/VR visualization will complete digital transformation.

Major Services

Specialized services for manufacturing intelligence

  • Fully utilizing plant engineering data Paperless operations and cost reduction
  • Minimized lead time Shorter project duration & enhanced productivity
  • Real-time defect detection Higher yield & quality

Intelligent Plant/SOC Infra

Intelligent Plant/SOC Infra

  • Cloud-native manufacturing system development/operation platform The first-in-industry platform service Integrate processes end-to-end, from production, execution, quality control to logistics
  • Manufacturing IoT platform connecting 65,000+ equipment Realizing hyper-connectivity, hyper-intelligence
  • Full control over global production sites Uninterrupted operation 24/7 Enhancing manufacturing competitiveness

  • From planning to operation End2End Service
  • Powered by proven solutions Integrated service platform
  • Optimized control over 50,000 logistics facilities Across 40 sites worldwide

  • ERP Improve business efficiency and global competitiveness by intelligent ERP
  • SCM Optimize SCM utilizing AI Technology and Cloud Computing
  • CRM Maximize marketing efficiency & performance through customer data analytics
  • EHS Support sustainability management through integrated environment & safety management

Intelligent legacy system

Intelligent legacy system



Integrated offering

Provide total IT service specially designed for manufacturing

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Plant intelligence
Manufacturing intelligence
Logistics/Facility intelligence
Legacy system intelligence
  • Solution : PLM, Process : Development
  • Solution : MES, Process : Purchase
  • Solution : FMS, Process : Production
  • Solution : SCM, Process : Logistics
  • Solution : CRM, Process : Marketing/Sales Distribution
  • Solution : ERP, Process : Service
  • Solution : MIS, Process : Business management
  • Global Partner Solutions
SDS Enterprise Platform for Manufacturing
  • R&D/Production/Quality data integration & distribution - Data Catalog
  • Reuse and share algorithms/analysis models - API Catalog
  • Analytics/Conversational/Visual Intelligence - Brightics AI
  • Data collection, Operation and Management - Brightics IoT
  • Blockchain Platform - Nexledger Universal
  • 3D data exchange & visualize - Nexplant 3D eXcellence
Samsung SDS Cloud
Plant intelligence
  • Efficient and optimized service for design, construction, procurement and operation
  • Pre-verification for construction engineering between the design site and remote site of construction based on BIM data
Manufacturing intelligence
  • Productivity improvement on manufacturing site, quality improvement, unique and powerful solutions and services for cost reduction
  • Product design/optimization and cooperation, full automation of smart factory, AI-based product quality analysis, detection of abnormal operation of facilities real time and creation of global operation environment
Logistics/Facility intelligence
  • Optimization of facility relocation within the process (e.g. material, semi-final product, final product)
  • Secure safe manufacturing environment through infrastructure facility control and integrated control (e.g. gas/electricity/ HVAC facility control)
Legacy system intelligence
  • Provide services in consulting, establishment and operation for core systems of electronics/manufacturing (e.g. ERP, SCM, CRM)
  • Provide optimized system establishment/operation services based on various successful cases
Nexplant PLM

Nexplant PLM provides efficient cooperation tools for project managers, which helps early launching of products. Anyone can share the same information by integrating the product development projects for the entire supply chain such as OEM.

Nexplant MES

The most optimized automatic facility control can quickly respond to sudden changes of products. Nexplant MES enables users to enhance productivity, reduce the downtime and maintain quality with efficient cost.


SCM will be supported by the customized planning operation by improving demand prediction accuracy based on data analysis and considering the characteristics of clients' business, which helps reduce the lead time for decision making and maximize supply chain operation efficiency.


Services to establish/operate the customized ERP system will be provided depending on the characteristics of business type based on the long history of ERP experience and best practices of Samsung, global No. 1 company.
This is the next generation's ERP with the combination of intelligent automation technology, which helps maximize work productivity, realize real-time management and immediately respond to market changes.

SDS Enterprise Platform for Manufacturing

SDS Enterprise Platform will quicky and digitally transform the manufacturing site based on the hybrid cloud platform that is optimized for corporate work environment, which helps provide a new innovative value to companies.

Brightics AI

This is a platform to provide not only collective and predictable analysis but intelligent and prescribing analysis: this integrated AI platform intuitively analyze various data (e.g. real-time, unstructured) and provide the analysis result in a visualized manner.

Brightics IoT

Brightics IoT optimizes data collection, operation and management system, which connects IoT devices to big data solution and legacy system

Nexledger Universal

Nexledger Universal provides high level of performance and management monitoring functions as well as blockchain technology, which can be widely applied to not only finance but other industry areas as a corporate blockchain platform

Nexplant 3D eXcellence

Netplat 3D eXcellence can provide a variety of service by freely utilizing heterogenous 3D data, which makes the platform unique in a way to help utilization of 3D data on site.

SDS Cloud

Hybrid cloud service that is optimized for corporate work environment from consulting for cloud introduction to migration and efficient integrated operation and cloud end-to-end service.


Samsung SDS Enterprise Platform Optimized for Manufacturing

Quickly innovate your manufacturing sites with a platform-based development environment.

By leveraging the digital platform, business applications can dramatically accelerate adoption. Shortening the development period will speed up new line building and product production.

  • Quality innovation driven on big data platform

      Analyze the data collected at the manufacturing site with the models, generated by the AI big data analytics platform. Suggestions how to improve production efficiency and quality are ready.
  • Flexible service development based on common platforms

      Significantly shortens the time and resources, required to to build and apply development infrastructures. Manage your resources and budget effectively centered on dashboard.
  • Easy migration from legacy system towards latest technology

      Connect ERP, CRM, MIS and systems required in manufacturing to a newly-developed environment. Adopt the latest technology such as Blockchain, IoT and AI.


    • “Attention on how to adopt AI, machine learning, big data, IoT is ever more increasing. IT convergence to manufacturing industry becomes essential.”

    • Joseph Ahn, VP of Smart Factory Division, Samsung SDS



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