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Innovation in future medicine through digital health

Samsung SDS Digital Health is with you for innovation in future medicine in the era of data and AI/analytics

As social structures and environments change and there are more needs of new health services, digital health with the combination of IT and healthcare will play a central role in the future medicine. Based on the health data from various sources, we can get insights from the utilization of cloud, AI and analytics technologies and new experiences will be provided such as customized treatment for patients.

Samsung SDS owns the total offering for the entire area of digital health from medical-exclusive infrastructure to hospital-specific solution, digital health data platform and analytics services. Be a leader in future medicine with Samsung SDS' Digital Health.

Major Services

  • Based on the integrated offering of
    hospital-specific solutions, digital health cloud, data platform, and analytics service,
    we support customized medical care and timely treatment through early diagnosis



Integrated Offering

Data Driven Digital Transformation in Healthcare

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Digital Health Applications/Services
Innovation in treatment
Support diagnosis of retinal fundus - Brightics Retinal Fundus Analysis
Support diagnosis of cardio-diseases - S-Patch Cardio
Support diagnosis - Prediction of cancer (Prediction of re-occurrence of breast cancer)
Innovation in clinical research - Data-Driven Research
Innovation in hospital operation - Data Driven Operation
Resource operation
Index management
Operation dashboard
Digital Hospital Information Solution
  • Nexmed EHR On-premise
  • Nexmed EHR Cloud
Digital Health Data Platform
  • Data collection, Data processing, Data analytics, Data management, Data utilization
  • Digital Health Data Hub - Medical record, health check-up, disease DB...
Digital health infrastructure

Digital Health Cloud

* RWE : Real World Evidence * CDW : Clinical Data Warehouse * CDM : Common Data Model

Brightics Retinal Fundus Analysis - Support diagnosis of retinal fundus diseases

Through AI-based analytics model with deep learning on video images of retinal fundus and automatic decoding results of retinal fundus videos will be provided to the medital staff. This also helps decisions of medical staff.

S-Patch Cardio - Support diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases

S-Patch Cardio is an analytics solutions for cloud-based electrocardiogram monitoring by utilizing S-Patch, the next generation's wearable electrocardiogram monitoring device.
Patients can experience electrocardiogram with the improved convenienece by wearing the device through small and light S-Patch based on Bio-Processor. Hospitals can carry out fast and accurate diagnosis without initial investment.

Nexmed EHR- Digital hospital information solution

This is the hospital information solution created based on the Korea's No.1 new technology in medical ICT by collecting the know-how to establish and operate the hospital information system.
Nexmed EHR supports both the on-premise type and the cloud type depending on what hospitals establish.

Digital Health Data Platform

This platform supports medical staff and pharmaceutical researchers so that they can utilize analytics results by easily collecting and integrating various forms of medical data and utilizing a variety of modeling tools. Various built-in models are available for researchers for their easy utilization.

Digital Health Cloud- Medical exclusive Cloud

The cloud complies with the relevant regulations and secure international standard certificates in order to equip the cloud with appropriate conditions for medicine based on Samsung's powerful security systems, which provides the most customized medical-exclusive cloud service environments.

Unique Points

Future potential of Samsung SDS Digital Health


    • "By introducing Samsung SDS' EHR, we were able to secure not only work efficiency but the foundation as one of the major university hospitals with cutting-edge medical system, specialized treatment and research infrastructure in remote areas."

    • Director Youngsik Choi, Kosin University Gospel Hospital

    • "Structured EMR based on the standard terms has improved quality of the patient information, which enables our medical staff to continue their clinical research based on data."

    • Gangbuk Samsung Hospital

    • "With S-Patch Cardio, we were able to collect high quality electrocardiogram data and diagnose the patient's heart condition more accurately and quickly."

    • Dr. Rob Adam, Cardiac specialist at UHS, UK

  • Efficiency and accuracy of S-patch Cardio

    Efficiency and accuracy of S-patch Cardio

    • "The pilot was able to confirm the efficiency and accuracy of the S-Patch-based Cardio. Cardio will be offered as a new treatment model for cardiovascular patients in the future."

    • Nathan Schlesinger, Healthcare Leader of PwC

    • "If using S-Patch Cardio, users can monitor themselves. The more important fact is that is is possible to record patients' workout sessions for the communications between patients and the doctor in the Phase 1 of clinical test. This is the beginning of immediate diagnosis and treatment, which improves the overall result of patients."

    • Stacey A. Reading PhD, Department of Exercise Physiology, University of Auckland, New Zealand

    • "S-Patch Cardio accurately detect the arrhythmia of myocardial infarction patients. If additionally developing the program and verifying with more users, S-Patch Cardio can be an not only economic but effective medical devices in order to diagnose arrhythmia and improve preventive healthcare."

    • Dr. Toon Wei Lim, Heart Centre, National University of Singapore

    • "S-Patch Cardio proves itself with its stable ECG monitoring by getting connected to S-Patch that is linked to the smart watch despite frequent vibration and difficult circumstances such as car racing."

    • Dr. Clevert D., University of Munich, Germany



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