Brightics Machine Learning

An integrated data analytics platform - Accelerate digital transformation with data analytics

A wide range of automated analytics features empower anyone to develop and use AI analytics service easily and with speed

Brightics Machine Learning recommends the most optimized algorighm depending on the characteristics of data, which enables anyone to start data analytics. By providing Alaytics App functions with more strengthened utilization of the analytics results, it is possible to provide the high-performance AI platform services for the entire analytics stages.

Major Services

  • Fast, efficient analytics platform service with user convenient automation features and various pre-built models




Analyst Reports

    • Samsung SDS Brightics AI was selected as a leading vendor in the'Multimodal Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning' category of Forrester Wave™

    • in The Forrester Wave™: Multimodal Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning, Q3 2020, Forrester



Use Cases


    • Provide visualized analytics environment

      Without complicated coding, the drag & drop function visualizes the workflow. This also enables to have a glimpse of input/output data and applied algorithms, which helps on-site/industry experts easily analyze data.

    • Recommend the most optimized algorithm

      By providing the most optimized algorithm for data and functions that suggest algorithms to suggest proper parameters, on-site experts can easily do modelling. This can minimize trial and error in the course of finding the most optimized model and learning factors.

    • Provide automated analytics guideline

      By providing the service of Guided Analytics that explains the analytics courses in each stage in detail, users can easily analyze difficult data while following the guideline stage by stage.

    • Prompt serving of analytics results

      It is possible to immediately edit and serve analytics results as a report. By registering the scheduler, automatic updates are supported. Users can quickly check out the data and report that they want whenever.


    Recommended specifications

    • Machine learning analytics platform

      x86 server with 3 or more nodes
      -CPU: 8 cores/Node
      -Memory: 16GB/Node
      -Disk: 100GB/Node
      -Operating system: Linux 64bits

    • PC for platform users

      - Browser : Chrome (Version 50.0 or higher)
      - Screen resolution: 1280 x 900 (recommended)

    • Supported data source

      RDB, File, HDFS

    • Supported analytics script

      Scala, SQL, R, Python

    • API

      REST API

    • Appropriate cloud environments

      SDS Cloud, Amazon Web Service, MS Azure, Google Cloud, etc.


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